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The Strategy of Winners: What SOW really means for KellyOCG, our partners, and our clients

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The global life sciences industry continues to face significant challenges due to geo-political unrest and emerging policies, along with evolving regulatory controls, the aging workforce, and the need to control costs in the face of heightened ...

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When it comes to hiring top, in-demand talent—STEM professionals, digital-media experts, and a host of other high-value roles your organization relies on to innovate and compete—companies can’t stick with a business-as-usual attitude. More than half ...

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The resourcing industry is increasingly being asked to expand Managed Service Provider (MSP) programs to supplement an organization’s in-house procurement capability; and particularly with respect to labor based Statement of Work (SOW) services. But ...

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Faced with this rapidly evolving workplace, it is no surprise that employers struggle to maintain an effective talent supply chain.

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Without doubt freedom of choice is now the dominant force in the world of work. Individuals chose how they want to work. Organisations choose how they want to engage the talent they need.

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Across Asia, women are most highly represented at junior levels and have the lowest representation at the senior or executive level.

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In a world of increasing competition, accelerating globalization and economic pressures, labor supply and demand has been up-ended. Organizations must deal with constantly shifting skill requirements, fast-evolving worker expectations and a scarcity ...

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Despite considerable uncertainty in the political environment worldwide, global economic and labor market growth is projected to strengthen in 2017 and 2018, led by key fundamentals including US expansion, dollar appreciation, and higher commodity ...

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Today, talented individuals have a choice of where and how they work. For evidence, look no further than the nearly one in three workers who are embracing flexible work styles and choosing to go it alone as free agents. To attract and retain the ...

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In the scheme of things, five years isn’t really a long time – yet over that time a great deal can happen. In the space of five years the world’s tallest structure was built in Dubai, The Beatles released 6 of their 12 studio albums, and more ...

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The Strategy of Winners: What SOW really means for KellyOCG, our partners, and our clients

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