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KellyOCG is the Best Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partner in Singapore and Malaysia.

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In their 2016 study, “The Future of MSP, Next Generation Workforce Management”, Everest Group described the emergence of four new attributes in the Managed Service Provider proposition; full lifecycle SOW (Statement of Work) management, alternate ...

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World economic growth is projected to reach 3% in 2017, buoyed by a number of positive factors including: modest performances across North America, the Eurozone and many other key economies; the gradual emergence of Russia and Brazil from recession; ...

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One of the most pressing questions on business leaders’ minds today is, “Is my workforce ready to tackle the challenges of the future?” Uncertain economic and political situations, coupled with the emergence of new technologies, have given rise to ...

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Demand is outstripping supply. Good talent is getting harder to find, harder to keep, and harder to emotionally inspire. Talent acquisition leaders who overcome these challenges will be those who use the combined power of humans and machines to ...

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The recruiting function is currently experiencing a wave of digital disruption, which can create process efficiencies and enhance candidate satisfaction. To discover the current rate of recruiting process automation and adoption, Human Capital Media ...

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Ongoing technological advancements continue to disrupt entire organizations—from how they connect with customers, to how their internal processes are structured, to how they attract, use, and retain talent. Considering the volume of information, the ...

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The global life sciences industry continues to face significant challenges due to geo-political unrest and emerging policies, along with evolving regulatory controls, the aging workforce, and the need to control costs in the face of heightened ...

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When it comes to hiring top, in-demand talent—STEM professionals, digital-media experts, and a host of other high-value roles your organization relies on to innovate and compete—companies can’t stick with a business-as-usual attitude. More than half ...

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The resourcing industry is increasingly being asked to expand Managed Service Provider (MSP) programs to supplement an organization’s in-house procurement capability; and particularly with respect to labor based Statement of Work (SOW) services. But ...

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Faced with this rapidly evolving workplace, it is no surprise that employers struggle to maintain an effective talent supply chain.

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Kellyocg_HR Vendor_500x500_final.jpg

KellyOCG is the Best Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partner in Singapore and Malaysia.

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