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KellyOCG is the Best Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partner in Singapore and Malaysia.

Case Studies

An American semiconductor plant in Malaysia was struggling to attract the niche talent needed to fill multiple roles in a timely manner - and the cost of the vacancies were beginning to significantly impact the bottom line. Read more >

KellyOCG® helps a major pharmaceutical company support the full-time recruiting needs of its Regional Operating Centre, including South Korea, through an enterprise RPO solution. Read more >

KellyOCG® helps a medical device company’s Asia-Pacific locations reduce agency spend and maximise talent quality through an enterprise RPO solution. Read more >


The global economy is in good shape in mid-2018, with growth expected to pick up to 3.4%—the highest rate since 2010—and labor markets that continue to tighten as unemployment decreases. Despite the positive outlook, ... Read more >

The global economic outlook for 2018 is positive, driven by broad-based strength particularly in the US, Eurozone, and APAC. Global GDP growth is forecast to accelerate to 3.4%―its best performance since 2010. Healthy ... Read more >

KellyOCG, a long-time advocate for the gig economy and leader in research on the independent workforce, recently surveyed over 2,100 talent managers across the globe—gathering their perspectives on how they’re leveraging ... Read more >

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Corporate leaders recognise that HR has the potential to elevate business strategies. Yet, only slightly more than half of the companies surveyed bring HR to the table when developing business strategy - 59 per cent in ... Read More >

Technology has given a boost to many aspects of business operations, including HR practices. The time has come to examine closer the complex HR digital landscape and how technology boost organisations’ ability to attract ... Read More >

Talent shortages remain a major concern for businesses in the Asia Pacific, according to our recent survey and report on workforce agility[i]. Read More >

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