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The Strategy of Winners: What SOW really means for KellyOCG, our partners, and our clients

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After a previous RPO solution failed to perform as expected, a global IT company was struggling to keep pace with talent demands. Read more >

With an immediate need for approximately 700 new hires in IT and other professional fields, an Indian branch of one of the world’s largest financial institutions was ramping up its talent acquisition efforts. However, in a ... Read more >

To service growing global needs, a leading banking and financial institution was building a new shared service center in India. In order for the shared service center to launch successfully, the financial company needed to ... Read more >


One of the most pressing questions on business leaders’ minds today is, “Is my workforce ready to tackle the challenges of the future?” Uncertain economic and political situations, coupled with the emergence of new ... Read more >

Demand is outstripping supply. Good talent is getting harder to find, harder to keep, and harder to emotionally inspire. Talent acquisition leaders who overcome these challenges will be those who use the combined power of ... Read more >

The recruiting function is currently experiencing a wave of digital disruption, which can create process efficiencies and enhance candidate satisfaction. To discover the current rate of recruiting process automation and ... Read more >

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Optimising costs is an appropriate response to competitive pressure. This does not mean an indiscriminate slashing of expenses just to give a short-term boost to profits. It does however mean taking a good look at where ... Read More >

Innovative and novel drugs remain key to profitability in the life sciences industry, but the increased use of digital technologies has placed the industry in direct competition with tech companies for the same talent pool. Read More >

Demographic and lifestyle changes are giving the healthcare and life sciences industry a long-term boost. Shifting disease patterns, more sedentary lifestyles, changing diets, alongside ageing populations and a growing ... Read More >

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