Strategic Workforce Planning Tapping Internal Supply Chain

KellyOCG helps global financial services company reduce costs, increase hiring volume, and gain oversight with a customized RPO solution.

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With an immediate need for approximately 700 new hires in IT and other professional fields, an Indian branch of one of the world’s largest financial institutions was ramping up its talent acquisition efforts. However, in a market where demand for IT talent was outpacing supply and an industry that is continually struggling to overcome an old-school, legacy brand, recruiting a high volume of niche talent posed a significant challenge.

To compound matters, the organization didn’t have an internal talent acquisition team—it relied on search partners for recruitment—which came at a significant price point. And without an internal team performing the operational tasks associated with talent acquisition, efficiency and visibility lacked.

In an effort to reduce costs, increase hiring volume, and ensure oversight— while simultaneously decreasing the client’s dependency on its search partners—the client approached KellyOCG to establish a more efficient and transparent recruitment process.

The Challenge

Facing a shortage of IT talent, a stale industry reputation, and lacking an internal recruitment team, the organization was struggling to source 700+ candidates while containing costs.

The Company

As one of the top five financial institutions in the world, the company employs approximately 190,000 people worldwide.

The Solution

KellyOCG developed a multi-pronged recruitment solution involving internal referral programs, portals, and ATS data to fulfill immediate needs and establish a talent pipeline for the future.

The Result

Over the course of three years, our recruitment process yielded a 70% increase in offer acceptance rate, a 25% reduction in time-to-hire, and a 30% decrease in talent acquisition costs.

The Value

  • Deep understanding of the market and employer brand challenges
  • Ability to forecast talent needs
  • Expertise in maximizing candidate engagement
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