The Hiring Process Report 2015

Knowing how important it is for businesses to prepare for change in the hiring landscape, this research study looks at the future of recruiting from a hiring manager’s perspective.

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The complex process of hiring workers is constantly under review. And rightly so. From sourcing and attraction to candidate engagement and onboarding, the multiple steps involved in hiring top talent are interrelated and critical to the overall success of any business. It’s therefore not surprising that the hiring process is so closely monitored, as it’s this kind of scrutiny that can help a business to get ahead - and stay ahead, in the wake of change or disruption.

The hiring process needs to be cost-effective and efficient, balancing the speed of hire with the quality of hire, but the multifaceted nature of the process is continually affected by many internal and external factors. Some have a positive influence and assist the hiring process. Some have a more negative impact and can hinder successful recruitment.

In this report we delve deeper into the realms of cause and effect; identifying the current key factors that are influencing the hiring process – some positively and some negatively - to give us a better understanding of where we are now - and why, as well as what we can expect to see more or less of in the future. This way, businesses can be better prepared to deal with what lies ahead.

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