Thinking Big: Beyond The MSP

We need to #ditchthescript when it comes to managing broad non-employee talent solutions. But where do you start?

October 01, 2018

Organizations are starting to think big when it comes to non-employee workforce channels. They want more than a solid MSP with multiple adjacent programs that have been stood up separately with little to no integration. They want a program that does it all. They want all the pieces of their contingent workforce lined up for maximum efficiency and impact. More than that, they want access to the best and the brightest talent, wherever and whenever they need it.

We need to #ditchthescript when it comes to managing broad non-employee talent solutions.

But where do you start?

Bottom Up Buy-In

Most new talent programs and processes start at the top. They may look shiny and exciting in the boardroom, but by the time they trickle down to hiring managers on the ground, the shine has faded. Hiring managers see the flaws, the inconveniences, the time that your dazzling new process will take out of their day to do something they feel they already know how to do, source talent. So, what do they do? Smart people always find a way to get work done the way they think is best, irrespective of the processes (often viewed as roadblocks) a corporate organization puts in front of them. It’s human nature and it’s happening right now in nearly every organization in the world.

If you want a broad services program with optimal adoption, you need to start with the hiring managers who need work performed. You need to move beyond a top down mandate, which tells hiring managers what to do. You need a bottom up solution that interfaces with the hiring managers to find the most effective way to get work done, based on the outcomes they are trying to achieve.

Data-Based Decision Making

Success is also predicated on the meaningful analytics that underpin the solution and drive continuous improvement to the strategies. Leveraging data is something that lots of people shout about, but very few do meaningfully or well. In the labor and services space, we believe the way to drive sustainable value is by combining 3 facets of critical data. You need to combine; 1) key foundational data such as spend, cycle time and timing, 2) holistic outcome-based performance data associated with how the talent met the original deliverables, 3) behavioral data associated with why a hiring manager is looking externally to get work done, as well as why they are not leveraging your companies preferred vendors and strategies. When queried and compared together over time, the analytics will not only provide a multi-faceted picture of where you are now, they will also help to guide your path for the future. These meaningful analytics will ensure your organization optimizes its micro (requisition) and macro (workforce strategy) decision making, while delivering optimal business outcomes.

Think Big

Most workforce solutions (or tech solutions) look at a tiny part of the whole contingent workforce picture. Without a seamless integration and experience for the hiring manger, they tend to feel clunky and lead to disjointed results. Or they are developed by tech companies who believe that human expertise is not need to solve the intricacies of talent supply chain management, and therefore create funnels for hiring managers but don’t solve the underlying issues. Instead, why not think big? Think about a tech enabled integrated talent services program that brings together all of your various labor channels (i.e. Contingent, Gig Workers, and Service Providers) in a way that adds dynamic simplicity to your organization. An interface that is so simple, it drives the behaviors and results you are striving for.

It all sounds aspirational, but at KellyOCG, we began to operationalize this solution for a large Fortune 50 client in 2016, and have since optimized and relaunched for new clients. We complement our talent experts with the latest in technology to deliver an integrated talent solution that effectively drives value across your entire non-employee workforce. Our technology utilizes the latest in Natural Language Processing and AI to adapt and grow with your business, while putting talent experts at the center of the process. The technology curates the latest market and industry information for our talent experts, based on the outcomes the hiring managers are looking to achieve. This enables our experts to guide your hiring managers more effectively and ensure better outcomes. It’s an incredibly exciting solution and one that we feel will be industry changing.

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